For Libraries, art centres and other public institutions

We offer a variety of workshops for staff

  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi / Arduino / BBC Microbit / Intel Edison
  • Beginning coding using Scratch
  • Beginning coding using Python
  • Using these devices in your organisation
  • Build a simple circuit to light an LED then write some code to make it flash
  • Build a circuit that includes a sensor (light / motion / distance) which triggers an output (LED / buzzer)
  • Internet of Things – send sensor readings to the cloud that are then displayed on webpager
  • Build a Robot; build a basic robot using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • Introduction to creating music using Sonic Pi
  • Using midi and sensors to create music
  • Using Processing to create visual art
  • Using minecraft to explore coding

Some examples are listed above but we can tailor these to meet your specific requirements.