• We can advise, source and set up any size of suite you require
  • We can advise and help you set up an after school club / robot club
  • We will continue to support you after our initial session(s)

If you are planning to run a code club we can offer the following sessions:

A practical session for staff and volunteers

Give all attendees hands on experience with the kit they’ll be using for the club.
Practical use of the hardware with reference to resources, working through examples in the different coding environments
available and building simple circuits to gain confidence with the process.

Initial setup and mentoring

Attend and help run the first one or two sessions of a code club.
Provide support, technical backup and encouragement for the initial sessions of the club.
Supply initial document pack for use by the club, usb drives and other materials.
Give feedback on pros and cons of the session(s) to volunteers.