Lost Weekend Hackathon

The weekend of 6th – 8th of October saw a brand new festival in Exeter called the Lost Weekend. It was billed as ‘A 3-day festival for Exeter of music, art, ideas and technology. To showcase what is new and exciting, to imagine the future and to enjoy being creative.’

As part of the festival we ran a Young Person’s Hackathon at Exeter Phoenix on Sunday 8th October. We brought along some Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and assorted electronics as well as a few bags of scrap from Exeter Scrapstore. We also had access to the laser cutter in Exeter Library’s FabLab.

Here are some pictures from the day that show some of the preparation, planning and building:

Zoe and Ian both looking doubtful that anything is going to work!



Building work coming along:

And two finished pieces: