Weather Balloons and Sidmouth Science Festival

For the past few weeks we have been visiting Sidmouth Community College to work with a group of students on developing some code for a Raspberry Pi that will be launched underneath a weather balloon at Sidmouth Science Festival on Sunday 15th October.

The students have written the code so that they can take photographs, temperature, altitude and air pressure readings as the balloon goes up and comes down. They have also been working on a presentation that they will give at the Festival and then present their findings to Sidmouth Primary School.

This week we went into the primary school to talk about the project and to see if they could come up with an experiment that we could add to the launch. To demonstrate the properties of a helium balloon we took in Sarah the shark:

she swam over the pupils at the start of the talk (here’s Ian practising):

Also as part of the day at the Norman Lockyer Observatory we will be in the Committee Room with our 3D printer and some Raspberry Pis as we have done in previous years – in fact when we visited Sidmouth Library on Wednesday we say this display (not sure who the chap in the bottom left photos is):