Build a Robot

February 15th saw our first Build a Robot workshop at FabLab Devon. We used a basic chassis with an Arduino Uno, motor driver and ultrasonic distance sensor. All participants successfully built their robots and had them working by the end of the day.



Exeter Music Hack

Our second music hack day took place on 19th September in FabLab Devon. We connected some speakers to a Raspberry Pi (via an explorer hat) and made this:

We recorded some sounds of the machines in the lab using a guitar pick up, here are some of the MakerBot 3D printer:

MakerBot 1

MakerBot 2

MakerBot 3

and here is a short piece using Sonic Pi

We also messed around with a couple of children’s toys, here’s Ian at work on Mr T in your pocket:

And here’s how it sounds:


Raspberry Jam

Exeter Raspberry Jam 6th February 2016

Another excellent and well attended jam. Lots of new visitors coming in to try out the Raspberry Pi using our Scratch and sonic Pi worksheets. Lots of familiar faces too bringing in some projects for people to see.

Tom Brough’s Robot welcoming people to the jam:



William building an led light display:
more robots:
Harry Potter Sorting Hat:
This was made by the Exeter Library Digital Club for Harry Potter night
last Thursday (4th February)