Exeter Raspberry Jam 6th May

Thank you to everyone who came along to Exeter Library on Saturday and for making our Raspberry Pi jam birthday celebrations so successful and fun🎉

Posted by 2.times do on Thursday, 11 May 2017

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Exeter Raspberry Jam 1st April

Another well attended and busy Raspberry Jam at Exeter Library. We saw a lot of new people and some familiar faces.

We took along our PlayStation dance mat connected to minecraft which was very popular

as well as the robotic arm and our 3d printer.

The next jam on May 6th will be the fourth anniversary of holding Raspberry Jams in Exeter library – more about that as we get nearer the time!


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Workshop at Exeter University

On 28th March we delivered a workshop at Exeter Business School for their One Planet MBA course. As part of their course the students were set a challenge to use technology to solve a problem. Our session was on the internet of things and we explored using both the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino  using node-red. The students then spent the next few days developing their ideas and putting what they had learnt into practice.




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Adult coding sessions at the Phoenix

In March we ran an adult coding workshop at Exeter Phoenix. This was two two hour sessions on separate days. The first was an introduction to the BBC micro:bit and the second an introduction to the Raspberry Pi. We looked at the different coding environments for the Micro:bit and built a die,

made some music and made an external led flash.

For the Raspberry Pi session we looked at Scratch and Python. We build a simple game in Scratch and then used python to recognise text input and light up leds.

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