Workshop at Exeter University

On 28th March we delivered a workshop at Exeter Business School for their One Planet MBA course. As part of their course the students were set a challenge to use technology to solve a problem. Our session was on the internet of things and we explored using both the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino  using node-red. The students then spent the next few days developing their ideas and putting what they had learnt into practice.




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Adult coding sessions at the Phoenix

In March we ran an adult coding workshop at Exeter Phoenix. This was two two hour sessions on separate days. The first was an introduction to the BBC micro:bit and the second an introduction to the Raspberry Pi. We looked at the different coding environments for the Micro:bit and built a die,

made some music and made an external led flash.

For the Raspberry Pi session we looked at Scratch and Python. We build a simple game in Scratch and then used python to recognise text input and light up leds.

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Build a robot at Exeter Phoenix 26/10/16

On Wednesday 26th October we ran our first workshop with Exeter Phoenix. The day was a chance for children to put together a kit of parts including motors, wheels and electronics and build a two wheeled robot. Once built we programmed the robots to move forwards and backwards in a straight line before adding a distance sensor then writing the code to stop the robot from bumping into things.

We had a fully attended day with a variety of ages and skills and all managed to have a working robot by the end of the day when we had a knockout race to see whose could travel the furthest without hitting something.

Some pictures from the day:





Some video of a robot travelling in a straight(ish) line:

Some feedback from twitter:


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Digital Day at Weymouth Library 25/10/16

On 25th October we took part in a Digital Day at Weymouth library. We ran four workshops throughout the day, all were fully subscribed. The workshops were all intended to be an introduction to and exploration of digital technology and particularly computer coding. We are always focused on the creative side of coding so try to include musical elements wherever possible.

The four workshops were building an air piano, using the Raspberry Pi’s gpio in Scratch, making music with Sonic Pi and 3D printing. For the first two workshops the attendees had to build a simple electronic  circuit that was then connected to the Raspberry Pi and programmed. The air piano used an ultrasonic distance sensor so that the computer sounded a different note of the major scale depending on an object’s distance from the sensor.


The second workshop used a simple circuit with an led on it and we created a program that made the led flash on  and off when an icon on the computer screen was clicked.


The third workshop used the program Sonic Pi to create music, we created a piece that had a melody, drums, bass and improvised solo. The final workshop was designing a 3D object that could be printed out using our 3D printer; the attendees designed a star shape with their initial on it using 3D design software and we showed the printer in action printing out examples of this type of work.


A really enjoyable day with lots of interest all put together by the Friends of Weymouth Library who also provided us with lunch and cups of tea through  out the day.

We had some great feedback on the day and via social media :

and an email from one of the participants:

Dear 2timesdo
Thank you for your digital day yesterday at Weymouth, it was really enjoyable. My brother and I mostly enjoyed the 3D printing and the air piano. We enjoyed using the raspberry pi and programming things. Overall the day was great

Ian and I rounded off the day by having a cup of tea (actually a very large pot) and cake at the excellent Good Life Cafe.

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