Simon Belshaw

Simon is a composer who is interested in generative music systems, he gained a PhD in composition from the University of Hertfordshire 2005 (Generative Systems and Disruptive Processes in Music Composition). He currently uses Raspberry Pis to generate music and has received funding from the Francis Chagrin Award for work on his Music Machine project. Music Machine 34 was recently featured on BBC Radio 3 as part of the Late Junction programme. He is Raspberry Pi Certified Educator and is a founder / director of Earworms Exeter, live music performances for all the family aimed at educating and informing children.


Ian Woodbridge

Ian is a computer and electronics enthusiast who has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and has a passion for all things digital. Having run his own IT company he now wants to help the next generation of digital entrepreneurs realise their goals.